Lydmor: «My upcoming album feels sorta like my masterpiece. It is a story, a web of information, and the biggest piece of art I have ever tried to make»

Lydmor ha cogido carrerilla, y ya no hay quien la pare. Ni siquiera el verano, ya que tras el anuncio hace unos pocos días de las primeras fechas de su nueva gira 2018 donde presentará su nuevo álbum en solitario «I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story» (2018, hfn-music), la danesa Jenny Rossander acaba de lanzar «Claudia», 3er single en ser extraído de dicho álbum.

“Esta canción es una declaración feminista en contra del poder del patriarcado simbolizado en la línea ‘Behold, Money, I Am A Woman’, lo cual quiere decir que ya lo viví y que no lo quiero porque soy mucho más fuerte que el sexismo… Si revelara quién es realmente Claudia, arruinaría las vidas de ciertas personas” comenta de nuevo la polifacética artista danesa.

Por supuesto, «Claudia» nace con vídeo clip. Éste vuelve a ser filmado por ella misma, y a medio camino entre Shanghái y Copenhague.

Para escuchar el disco accede a este enlace:

Nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha querido saber más del nuevo trabajo de Lydmor y de sus planes de futuro y para ello, ha hablado con Jenny Rossander de«I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story”. 

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Why Jenny Rossander choose the name Lydmor for your musical project?

It’s Danish for mother of sound. Someone called me Lydmor as a joke, right when I started to create music, and I just thought it was really funny and sweet.


We still love the sound of  Jenny in Lydmor in this new LP «I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story”, which, although still in the same musical line achieved in your previous works, we noticed something different, perhaps a sound more personal, perhaps more melancholic, perhaps more authentic and more mature, … It true that something has changed What is it? What do you consider that has evolved in your music in these last two years?

My upcoming album feels sorta like my masterpiece. It is a story, a web of information, and the biggest piece of art I have ever tried to make. It took many years and the creation of it made me a different person than the one I am today. I feel different about it than any other album I’ve done. I can’t believe that I’m gonna release it soon!


Your next album «I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story” contains fantastic songs, precious, intimate, enveloping nostalgic and very evocative air almost melancholic. Songs, where not only music is given importance, but you have also worked on the lyrics in a special way. What can you tell us about it? What inspires you when it comes to making your songs?

A few years ago I was going through a sort of crisis. I felt like there were too many distractions around me and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do creatively. Everything in my life was collapsing. I needed a change. So I moved to Shanghai alone. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened there. Nothing. I was completely swept into a story, like a David Lynch movie, that swallowed me whole. I quickly made it my project to try and tell that story – on an album. I tried to look at it as if I were a writer or a movie director. Playing with the different characters, the narrative, and the sounds, to get that feeling that I had been so overwhelmed with in Shanghai.


Why have you titled «I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story» to this album? What expectations do you have with this work?

It’s a promise I made, to a certain group of people in shanghai. And to especially one person. I’ve always been a storyteller and this story is my biggest yet.


When in concert around Spain, Jenny?

I am working on it! Not dates confirmed yet but I am pacing my team every time I meet with them to set something up in Spain! I really loved it there the few times I’ve played.


What are your plans for this 2018? We suppose that to turn around the world, but something that you can advance us? Important events? When the album to sale?

Album releases on the 28th of September and in November I go touring around Europe.


Do you think the digital world will end with music as we know it today? What do you think is the future of music?

Puh. Hard subject. It’s a huge problem that people have gotten so used to not paying musicians. It’s quite suffocating to be working very hard, and seeing it get quite successful but still you are so broke that every month paying rent is an achievement. It makes you feel disrespected. But also, maybe there’s a system thing that needs changing. I just read that globally only 12% of the money in the music business goes to musicians. 12?!?! If that’s true we need a goddamn revolution.


How is a normal day in the life of Lydmor?


Not normal. Hehe. I am not bullshitting you here I just honestly don’t have a lot of repetition in my life. Every day is different. I travel a lot, so there’s a lot of time spent on trains and airplanes, which I mostly spend reading books. I’m a huge nerd, I read all the time.


What do you think about the current economic and social situation in Europe and in the World in general?

I’ve been thinking a lot about illusions and reality lately. It’s an underlying topic in so many of the subjects that are important right now. People are lying to themselves because reality is too hard, to sad to face.

Examples could be; climate change isn’t real, because I can’t believe the world is gonna end because of us

Or; I don’t have any subconscious bias against women, because it would be too hard to come to terms with actually being sexist

I feel like we have become so good at protecting our minds against realities, that we are drowning in an ocean of ambiguity. I have no idea how we can change that.



Could you tell us about…


…a book?: “No is not enough” by Naomi Klein – a guide to modern revolution against global capitalism, and right wing idiocy.

…a movie?: “Mary and Max”. My absolute favorite movie. It’s animated and so beautiful, touching and quirky.

…a song?: “Edge” by Rezz. I am falling completely in love with Rezz, she is such an amazing producer and dj!

…an album?: “Singularity” by Jon Hopkins! Amazing dreamy forest techno for you!

… a group or soloist ?: My favorite band is Highasakite. Which is amazing because now I’ve worked with one of them on my upcoming album! They make the most beautiful emotional music I’ve ever heard.

…a hobby?: Reading. It’s SO good for you! Forcing yourself to stay in one world, that is only created in your imagination for hours and hours. It’s basically yoga for the mind.