The Dead South: «We weren’t really sure what to expect with these new songs, as we’ve typically been pretty reluctant to do covers»

La banda de folk rock estará de gira por España en abril de 2022

El cuarteto canadiense anuncia la segunda parte de su próximo EP, ‘Easy Listening For Jerks’, con la versión ‘People Are Strange’ de The Doors. El doble EP, compuesto de versiones, verá la luz el 4 de marzo, la Parte I con clásicos del folk americano y la Parte II por grandes clásicos del hard rock.

Llega la  Parte II de ‘Easy Listening For Jerks’, inspirada en la lista de reproducción que la banda escucha antes de salir a tocar. Canciones de System of a Down, The Doors, Cold War Kids y The Misfits. Y anuncian esta segunda parte con «People Are Strange»(The Doors) cuya versión se despoja de la piel de lagarto a favor de un enfoque más MTV-Unplugged. El video clip, que se estrenó el pasado 12 de noviembre y donde podemos ver Ovnis y Banjos. 

The Dead South – Easy Listening For Jerks Part 2 (2022)



Eight years and 3 albums from your beginning and a double EP is coming. Are you satisfied with the band’s career to date?

We are absolutely satisfied with our careers to date. When we first started the band, we considered a gig at our local pub a success. The fact that this has become our career, and that people all over the world have enjoyed our music is incredible. If it all ended tomorrow we’d all be grateful for experience and would consider it an absolute success.

Next year you will release a double EP with folk and metal versions in acoustic format. How, when and why did the idea of making these versions come up?

During the covid months, our publisher Peer Music suggested we start recording some traditional folk and bluegrass music for their catalogue, with the intention of them using them for tv/movie/ad placements, etc. We bought some recording gear and starting recording, and decided we may as well release these songs as well. Also, from the start of the band, there have been a few songs we’ve always wanted to cover (Chop Suey, 96 Quite Bitter Beings), so we figured it was the perfect time to record those as well, and then the idea of the companion EP’s was formed. 

What are your expectations with this new songs? 

We weren’t really sure what to expect with these new songs, as we’ve typically been pretty reluctant to do covers. The two released so far have been very well received, if the rest of them perform half as well as the first two we’ll be excited!

How is a live concert of The Dead South? 

Loud, bright, and energetic! Our number one goal when performing live is for everyone in the audience (and ourselves) to have FUN. 

What are the next dates where we can see you live presenting this album live around Spain and rest of Europe?

We’ll be in Europe March, April, and June of 2022. Spanish dates are in April. 

What is your opinion about current international music scene?

Obviously Covid has done a number on the live music scene, so we hope to see that come back in full force at some point. We’re just very happy to be performing again and we’re going to do whatever we can to keep these tours going.

Do you think the world will be the same again after this pandemic? Will we be better or worse people?

It’s impossible to make a judgement like that about the entirety of humanity. 

What are your future plans? Do you already think of new songs or is it still early?

There will absolutely be a new album at some point, for now our focus is on the next year of touring and releasing these EP’s.


The Dead South – People Are Strange (2021)


Hello listeners of “Histericas Grabaciones”, we are The Dead South and we hope to see you soon!