Bart Davenport: «Sometimes it feels like the song already exists in some alternate reality and it’s just my job to conjure it and bring it into this world.»

Tras publicar «Blue Motel» junto a The Bedazzled este año, Bart Davenport girará por España en solitario durante el mes de junio

Aunque el principio de la carrera del californiano Bart Davenport estuviera marcados por el garage y el blues de los 90, decidió centrarse por el indie-rock.

Tiene dos álbumes en solitario, Bart Davenport (2012)Physical World (Lovemonk, 2014). Además junto a The Bedazzled acaba de sacar Blue Motel (Lovemonk, 2018). La temática incluye los empleos poco satisfactorios, coqueteos, la decadencia urbana, la inocencia perdida y, sobre todo, los viajes en el tiempo.

El álbum habita un pasado o un futuro imaginarios, que curiosamente está en algún lugar entre los 60 y los 80, inspirando la nostalgia de un mundo imaginario, de cinismo pícaro, en un tiempo en el que parece que todo se derrumba a nuestro alrededor.

Nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha hablado con Bart Davenport sobre su último disco Blue Motel  y sus planes de futuro.



We still love the sound of Bart Davenport in this new album «Blue Motel» (2018), which, although still in the same musical line achieved in your previous album «Physical World» (2014), we noticed something different, perhaps a sound more personal, perhaps more melancholic, perhaps more authentic and more mature, … It true that something has changed What is it? What do you consider that has evolved in your music in these last four years?

I think you’ve got it right that ‘Physical World’ and ‘Blue Motel’ have both similarities and some differences. It’s basically the same band on both records. But my songwriting may have turned a bit more sad in between albums. Also, I would give Aaron M. Olson a lot of credit for bringing a lot of his own esthetic to the table for ‘Blue Motel’. Where as Luke Top has a more indie/world beat esthetic, Aaron has a decidedly cinematic approach. The result I think is more Blade Runner-esque, in some places and perhaps we got even closer sonically to our 80s influences this time around. I see the two albums as complementary to each other tho. Like if «Physical World» were ‘Revolver’, then ‘Blue Motel’ would be ‘Sgt Pepper’.(LoL) Not that these records we make sound anything like The Beatles. They do not.

Bart Davenport - Blue Motel (2018)

Your last work is «Blue Motel» (2018), which contains fantastic songs, cozy sound, precious, intimate, enveloping nostalgic and very evocative air. Songs, where not only music is given importance, but you have also worked on the lyrics in a special way. What can you tell us about it? What inspires you when it comes to making your songs?

I’m usually more of a music first, lyrics second type of writer. I enjoy toying around with different chord progressions and melodies. The challenge after that is to determine what sort of mood the aforementioned musical ideas are conveying and try to tell a story that fits the music. Sometimes it feels like the song already exists in some alternate reality and it’s just my job to conjure it and bring it into this world. If I decide to base the story on personal experience, I want to try and take the listener to a place that is my somewhat dramatic or romantic representation of what happened. ‘Vampire’ is an example of that. It’s a personal, true story but very romanticized and full of embellishments. It’s a lot like movie making. I think it’s possible I’ve been in a sadder mood these past few years. So, the chords and melodies are I come up with have a melancholic and nostalgic mood. But I’ve always had touches of this 😉


Why have you titled «Blue Motel» to this album?

The album is called ‘Blue MOTEL’! With an M. Not an H 🙂 A hotel is not a motel and in the words of Arthur Lee, “A House Is Not A Motel and in the words of Burt Bacharach “A House Is Not A Home”.


What are your plans for this 2018? We suppose that to turn around the world, but something that you can advance us? Important events?

Well…. There’s these concerts coming up:

6/22 Vigo, Sinatra Bar

6/23 Esteiro, San Xan Fest

6/24 Burgos, Tribu Festival

6/26 Zaragoza, IAACC Pablo Serrano

6/27 Segovia, Antiwic IE creativity Center, Casa de la Moneda

6/28 Madrid, Sala EL Sol

6/29 Albacete, Sala Clandestino

6/30 Vilanova, Catalonia, Vida Fest, El Vaixell Stage

The plan is to do these concerts solo acoustic and then return to Spain in November with Bart & The Bedazzled, culminating in a performance at Purple Weekend Fest in León, where The Bedazzled will perform AND I’ll also play a reunion set with The Kinetics.


How is a normal day in the life of Bart Davenport?

Everyday is different when you’re an independent musician but one thing about Los Angeles that is pretty constant is sunlight, which I hear is very good for the soul, keeps us Angelenos in a good mood! I have a day job in an office, selling tickets for the symphony but I also earn some money as a musician, so I don’t have to put in 40 hours a week in the office thank god. I live across the street from Echo Park Lake and if I have a day off it’s such a pleasure to grab a to-go cup of coffee and stroll around the lake, take in all the beautiful trees, birds and people. I feel really lucky to be there.



We asked you these same questions four years ago. Let’s see how your tastes have changed. Could you tell us about…


…a book?: Slouching Towards Bethlehem– Joan Didion

…a movie?: Bedazzled with Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

…a song?: Love Songs In The Night – Left Banke/Steve Martin

…an album?: Once & Future Band – Self Titled new album

… a group or soloist ?: Nedelle Torrisi

…a hobby?: I enjoy taking analog photos and recently got a nice Minolta 35 mil camera. I’ll bring it to Spain and shoot some tour pics!


Thank you very much for your time and congratulations for your music.

Thank you!