Big Daddy Wilson: «30 years of joy, fun, traveling all over the world, seeing beautiful people and places, and learning more and more each day is truly a blessing»

El artista norteamericano vuelve a Segovia para estar en la jornada inaugura de la primera edición del festival AFRO BLUE, el 9 de Septiembre en los Jardines de los Zuloaga

Big Daddy Wilson nació hace más de 50 años en un pequeño pueblo de Carolina del Norte llamado Edenton. Cantante y compositor estadounidense de voz cálida y conmovedora, que encontró su hogar en el norte de Alemania.

Pero algo es diferente con respecto a Big Daddy Wilson. Cuando llegó de los Estados Unidos no había blues en su equipaje y lo descubrió en Alemania, donde comenzará su carrera internacional como una de las figuras más necesarias del blues eléctrico y del soul.

Nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha hablado con Big Daddy Wilson. Esta es la entrevista completa.



It’s been 30 years since your start in music. Looking back, are you satisfied with your musical career to date?

Yes , I am more then satified, 30 years of joy, fun, traveling all over the world, seeing beautiful people and places . And learning more and more each day is truly a blessing.

Last years have been difficult for the entertainment world. Your album “Deep in soul” was released in pandemic. What has the Pandemic taken from you and what has the Pandemic given you?

Record sells has fallen greatley, it was already on the decline, but Corona made it worse. On the other side, this Pandemic has forced me to look at other Avenues of making music and reaching people. I spend a lot of time in the studio, I recorded and written many songs. I bought out 2 albums since than : «Hard Time Blues» and «Pay Day». So still I’m greatful and blessed.

Your latest work is a instrumental album named “Hard Time Blues”. How is this work different from your previous songs?

Well first of all, it’s not an instrumental album. Every song on that album has full lyrics. What we did was we put out an instrumental version also. But the full album with Lyrics was released first.  What is remarkabel about this album, I had the chance to work with a great producer , who I always wanted to work with “Mr. Glen Scott “.

Is “Hard Time Blues” accomplishing your expectations? Set to dream, where would you like to go with him?

Musically I believe «Hard Time Blues» is the best album that I ever done. So I am very happy about this. I would like for this album to reach as many people as possible. Because this album is full of beautiful messages.

How are the Big Daddy Wilson concerts? How do these songs sound live?

The concerts are great. The people feel moved by the message and the sound. Of couse playing the songs with my band live, we try to do the songs a little bit different. You have to live in the moment. The people want a show and want to be involved , live is always different. And I think it should be.

What are your future plans in the short, medium and long term? Are you already thinking of new songs or is it still early?

I am always thinking of new songs. We have new songs already recorded for a next album. Also we will be next year putting together an acoustic version of the BDW show.

Do you think the world will be the same again after this pandemic? Will we be better or worse people?

No, nothing stays the same. Will it be better ? that is my hope.

What will the concert be like that you are going to offer at AFRO BLUE? What do you think of a festival of these characteristics? 

I will be performing songs from my latest album. I will also be perfoming songs from my previous cd’s . It will be a program full of love root rythym and blues songs. And the message like always “LOVE IS THE KEY“.

I am happy to be involved and promoting black music. Afro Blue festival does just that, music is like a brigde that brings people together. And life is always about the people, because we all are connected in one way or the other. So I think it’s a good thing.