Entrevista a Bart Davenport

(c) La foto es de Carlie Kinnear

Bart Davenport está de gira por España para presentar «Episodes», su último álbum en solitario y de paso, sus nuevos temas junto a The Bedazzled. Dos fantásticas canciones que verán la luz en noviembre en un lujoso vinilo siete pulgadas.

Bart Davenport nos visita con su último álbum debajo del brazo, Episodes”, un disco que ofrece cuerdas avant-baroque, percusión mundana, riffs de 12 cuerdas y un retorno general al pop de los 60 y a la estética indie lo-fi.

Coincidiendo con su inminente gira en solitario, Lovemonk lanzará un flamante siete pulgadas junto a The Bedazzled, ‘People Person‘, que se publicará en vinilo el próximo mes de noviembre.

Nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha hablado con Bart Davenport antes de volver de nuevo a Segovia, dentro del ciclo Winter Indie City. Esta es la entrevista  completa.



It’s been 20 years since your first LP in 2002. Looking back, are you satisfied with your musical career to date?

I’m never totally satisfied because I always want to write, record & perform new songs. I’m also financially unsatisfied. It’s very difficult to earn a living as a musician. But I am quite proud of the eight solo albums I’ve released and my collaborations as a band member on other records. I have a body of work I can look back on with fondness 🙂

Last two years have been difficult for the entertainment world. What has the Pandemic taken from you and what has the Pandemic given you?

It gave me the new album (Episodes) because I recorded it during lockdown. It took away my paying gigs for a while. Most of all, it was hard not seeing friends and family for so long.

Your latest work is an LP named “Episodes”. How is this work different from your previous songs?

I’ve been writing more with a “third person” type narrative with characters like the naked man, villainous billionaires and a lady called Alice. Virtually all songwriters are storytellers. But this batch of songs seems particularly like a series of vignettes or something, hence the title.

It’s only been out for a few months, but is “Episodes” accomplishing your expectations? Set to dream, where would you like to go with him?

I my dreams he and I go to places strange yet familiar and when we awaken it’s hard to remember exactly where we’ve been.

How are the Bart Davenport’s concerts in thi tour? How do these songs sound live?

I suppose the songs sound like they would if you played the multi track session and then muted all tracks except the lead vocal and rhythm guitar.

What are your future plans in the short, medium and long term? Are you already thinking of new songs or is it still early?

I would love to be writing but I can’t find any free time to do this lately. In the short term: complete the tour. Medium: try to write some new material. Long term: I don’t really know.

Do you think the world will be the same again after this pandemic? Will we be better or worse people?

The world is always changing, pandemic or not. I think people, on the whole, are naturally good natured. We are mammals after all. It is in our DNA to take care of each other. But there are a handful of corporations and billionaires motivated by greed who are fast tracking us toward extinction by making our planet uninhabitable. This was true before the pandemic and is still true now.

What will the concert be like that you are going to offer at Winter Indie City in Segovia? What do you think of a festival of these characteristics?

Segovia is a beautiful city and I look forward to being there. I’ll be singing a lot of songs from the new album, a handful of “greatest hits” and if I get an encore I might perform a cover version or two 😉

Bart Davenport «It’s you» (2022)



Could you recommend us… 

…a book?: The Autobiography of Malcolm X  

…a film?: The Seventh Seal (Bergman)

…a song?: Me Voy Pa’l Pueblo (Los Panchos)  

…an album?: Been Around (A Girl Called Eddy)   

…a group or singer?: Petra Haden  

…a hobby?: Baking bread   

…lamb, suckling pig or Castilian soup? (we are from Segovia 🙂  I’ll have the soup please

Thank you very much for your time and congratulations for your music.