Myles Sanko: «Quiero que mi música sea un lugar donde sentirse vivo»

El carismástico soulman y compositor británico de raíces ghanesas vuelve a la carga con un maravilloso álbum «Memories Of Love»

Tras los aclamados «Born In Black & White» (2013), «Forever Dreaming» (2014) y «Just Being Me» (2016), Myles Sanko, actualmente afincado en el Sur de Francia, llega al Afro Blue Festival de Segovia para presentar en directo las canciones de su último trabajo «Memories Of Love» (2021)

«Quiero que mi música sea un lugar donde sentirse vivo«, dice Myles Sanko. «La motivación real es la que recibo de mi público cuando actúo y mi intención es componer e interpretar en directo la música que a mí también me guste escuchar«.

El show en directo captura la madurez artística y personal, con más de 300 actuaciones en el circuito europeo de festivales y clubs de jazz, transformándola en una impresionante compilación de música soul moderna. El 3 de marzo publica su primer álbum en directo junto a su banda y acompañado por la Orquesta Filarmónica de Luxemburgo, formada por 90 músicos y dirigida por el maestro Gast Waltzing, galardonado con un Grammy.

Nuestro compañero Josechu Egido ha hablado con Myles Sanko de su trayectoria, de su último trabajo «Memories Of Love» (2021), de sus conciertos, de sus planes de futuro, de la Pandemia y de su actuación en el Afro Blue Festival. Esta es la entrevista completa para nuestra web.



It’s been a lot time since your start in music. Looking back, are you satisfied with your musical career to date? Being part of the music industry is like riding a wave, it has its ups, and downs and you do your best to stay somewhere on the top of yours. I am satisfied with my out put and will continue create music well into my 60’s. I am currently on album number 5 and I plan to release another 10!

Last years have been difficult for the entertainment world. What has the Pandemic taken from you and what has the Pandemic given you? For a while the Pandemic took away a meaning of purpose but I soon understood that music was unstoppable and will always find its way to the people because we need it in our lives weather we know it or not.

How are the songs on your latest album different from the songs on previous albums? This album is my most personal album yet. Each song is a memory of love, a story of love, good or bad, happy or sad. Love is not always as we picture it in fairy tales but a work in progress for as long as we choose to love.

Do you give up any of your old songs because over time you no longer feel identified? Not really. The more albums I release the more difficult it becomes to choose as there are too many. There is a right time for each song.

Is your last album accomplishing your expectations? Set to dream, where would you like to go with him? My music reaches people, touches their hearts and brings them joy went they need it so that is good enough for me.

How are your concerts? How do these songs sound live? I write songs so that I can perform them live, that is the purpose. My songs come to life and has a more urgent intent because of the audience I share it with.

What are your future plans in the short, medium and long term? Are you already thinking of new songs or is it still early? I am already in the studio recording my next album and I am super excited about this one. The musical journey continues with my growth. I have so much to share and that is liberating.

Do you think the world will be the same again after this pandemic? Will we be better or worse people? Definitely something has changed, for good or bad I am not sure. However as dark as mankind can be, we are equally or even more beautiful. Let us see what happens together.

What will the concert be like that you are going to offer at AFRO BLUE? What do you think of a festival of these characteristics? It will be all about musical connection and exploring the idea of freedom. That is my intention!

Myles Sanko – Where Do We Stand (2022)

MISCELLANY.Myles Sanko – Where Do We Stand 


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